Study trip to Porto

On 2 May the students of 10F participated in a study trip to Museu dos Transportes e Comunicações and Casa da Música in Porto. This study trip was organized by the English teacher as a way to strengthen the topics given in class.

The students arrived to the museum at a quarter past eleven. They had a guided tour to the museum. It started at half past eleven. The tour guide told the students many things about cars from different ages. She showed them many old cars and she explained the evolution of the cars. She also challenged three students to change the wheel of a car. It was really funny. The guided tour ended at one o´clock. Then the students had lunch in Shopping Bom Sucesso.

At three o’clock they got together to visit Casa da Música. A tour guide waited for them. The guide told them who built Casa da Música and what events were organized during the year. She also explained the meaning of each room. The students saw some musical instruments and different play rooms. When the visit ended, some students bought souvenirs in the store that was placed in one of the floors.

At the end of the visit the students came back to Moimenta da Beira. All the students liked the study trip because it was very interesting and they got some information about new things.

Rafael Santos (10F)